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I have two  #14 copies, one printed on good white paper with the Fujita endpaper in blue and a black cloth binding, the other on acidic ground-wood paper with plain white endpapers and the binding in coarse brown cloth; the paper in this copy is seriously browned with the worst browning around the edges that are exposed to air. Both have the same sequencing error in the list of ML titles. At this period ML books were being printed by offset lithography. The last gathering has 8 leaves (16 pages). The gathering would have been printed from two offset plates, one for each side of the sheet, e ach with images of 8 pages. The printer who was responsible for imposing the photographic ne gatives of p . 513 of the index t hrough the end of the volume messed up. Imposing plates or negatives so the pages of the book print in the correct order is second nature to printers.  The printer who imposed the negatives could have been drunk or he (nearly all commercial printers at this period were male ) could have an inexperienced apprentice.  

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My #14 copy has the same list defect: ML Giants, ML Regulars G-Y, Misc., ML Regulars A-F 

While the binding itself seems almost new, the text is printed on a very thick paper with significant browning.  The text block on this copy is ~1 inch thick, compared to the 3/4 inch thickness of a copy in a #8 binding. There’s a small red Random House (remainder?) stamp on one edge.   

Eric Hanson 

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ML Community, 
My recently acquired copy of The Education of Henry Adams , 76.2, in binding style #14 contains a list of Regulars that is misbound.  The list begins with titles G through Y and Misc. and then the heading with titles A through F.  Is this a constant error in binding #14 or is it just my copy (and perhaps some others)?  Thank you for taking the time check on this and responding if you have a copy style #14. 
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