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I have a spring 1961 printing with 405 titles inside a price-clipped jacket. Many spring 1961 titles were delayed, some as late as September. I believe Six American Plays for Today was published in June, but I don't have a listing in Publishers Weekly's "Weekly Record" to confirm this. The first printing was for 10,000 copies. 

The back panel of the jacket is identical to that shown on the website.

The June 1961 publication date comes from a later 1960's printing (probably 1968) in binding 13 with the Fujita "ml" endpaper in purple and the inside of the jacket blank.  This printing has the following statement on the verso of the title page: "MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, June 1961 | Copyright © 1961 by Random House, Inc." I believe I saw this variant in Henry Toledano's collection.


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Does anyone have a jacketed first edition copy of 38.3 Six American Plays
For Today (405 titles listed)?  If so, can you send an image of the jacket
back -or- describe it using the types/subtypes as presented on the
modernlib website (
http://www.modernlib.com/Identifiers/djBacksReg/backsReg.html )?



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