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I would not stake my life on it, but, based on the stylistics of the dust wrapper for the first edition of Light in August (Smith and Haas, 1932), I would wager that the title page of Light in August, when ML has an illustrated title page, was designed by Arthur Hawkins, Jr. ML in this instance reproduces the original 1932 title page of Smith and Haas.

Hawkins designed the striking jacket for the original book. He was drawn to geometrical movement abstracted from or interacting with a literal image. He also liked geometry on its own. The TP corresponds to the devices of AH Jr.'s other known jackets, with their theatrically dramatic-even stagelike-movement.

Hawkins also designed the jacket for the Haas and Smith Sanctuary (1931). ML used the plates from the Smith and Haas trade book for its edition but did not avail itself of Hawkins's simple, economical two color abstract design. Maybe, when ML decided it wanted an illustrated cover, it was insufficiently sensational. Sanctuary, as Faulkner explains in his foreword, was designed for people wanting thrill.

To me that understatement is an advantage of the Hawkins design.


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Page 1 of Dickens' The Pickwick Papers is illustrated, also without attribution.
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A (perhaps) preliminary version the Illustrated Unillustrated Page is up. You
can see it here:


Comments & additions are welcomed.

Thanks much,

Scot Kamins

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