[ModLib] Illustrator for Heyward's Porgy?

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The decorative line drawings in Porgy were by Theodore Nadejen. They were included in the o riginal edition published by George H. Doran Co. in 1925. The ML printed from the original plates. 


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Hi Folks, 

A number of occasional illustrations appears in 148.2, Heyward's Porgy . Anybody know who did the illustrations? 

By the way, as long as we're on the topic, thanks to all who suggested titles for the Illustrated Unillustrated page (in progress). Here are the titles people found so far: 

Tortilla Flat 

Ancient Man 

David Copperfield 

Green Mansions 

Little Women 

My War with the United States 

Peter Ibbetson 


The Art of Aubrey Beardsley 

The Art of Rodin 

The Art of Whistler 

The Idiot 

The Thurber Carnival 

The Trial 

The War In The Air 


Scot Kamins 
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