[ModLib] Illustrated MLs that were not ML Illustrated Editions

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sun Feb 23 19:37:40 EST 2014


Little Women, although it was supposed to be part of the illustrated series.

> Folks,
> Just received a nice note from ML collector Drew Asson. He says in part:
> .............................
> I have an illustrated ML edition that I couldn't find listed on your site.
>  Your site lists the regular edition but not in its illustrated version.
> I do not have a dust jacket.  The information is:
> Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck (#216)
> Binding #14, dark blue color
> Endpaper design by Sadamitsu Neil Fujita, green color
> Illustrated by Ruth Gannett
> ........................
> (The illustrations appear in all Tortilla Flat printings as far as I can
> tell.) This brings up a great topic for a new ML article -- ML titles that
> had illustrations in them but that were NOT part of the ML series of
> illustrated editions!
> How about sending me other titles with illustrations that were not part of
> the formal illustrated editions (
> http://www.modernlib.com/Identifiers/IllustratedNotes.html and
> http://www.modernlib.com/Identifiers/illustrated.html )including  the name
> of the illustrator if known  and I'll whip up a new article for the
> website?
> Thanks all,
> Scot Kamins
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