[ModLib] A High Wind in Jamaica

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Mon Feb 17 13:39:10 EST 2014

It exists!

Thanks Bill.

> Ron,
> My copy of A High Wind in Jamaica has a dust jacket back style i.  The
> price is $1.45.  The inverse of the jacket lists 372 titles but there is
> no list bound in the book.  Based on the list the copy dates to 1955.
> Bill
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> Does anyone have A High Wind in Jamaica in a type i dust jacket?  It was
> replaced by Young Lions in 1958, and although we have not had a report of
> it in that jacket style the type i had been around for a few years (as
> early as 1953) and High Wind could have switched to it.  Or, it may not
> have.
> An interesting observation about how the ML updated (or rather, didn't
> update) jackets.  High Wind is in the recommended list for readers of
> South Wind, as listed on the South Wind type i jacket.  However, as late
> as Fall 1964 South Wind jackets, in type i, were recommending A High Wind
> in Jamaica, Modern Library #112.  That was 6 years after being removed
> from the catalog and replaced at 112 by Young Lions.
> ron

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