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My copy of A High Wind in Jamaica has a dust jacket back style i.  The price is $1.45.  The inverse of the jacket lists 372 titles but there is no list bound in the book.  Based on the list the copy dates to 1955.

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Does anyone have A High Wind in Jamaica in a type i dust jacket?  It was
replaced by Young Lions in 1958, and although we have not had a report of
it in that jacket style the type i had been around for a few years (as
early as 1953) and High Wind could have switched to it.  Or, it may not

An interesting observation about how the ML updated (or rather, didn't
update) jackets.  High Wind is in the recommended list for readers of
South Wind, as listed on the South Wind type i jacket.  However, as late
as Fall 1964 South Wind jackets, in type i, were recommending A High Wind
in Jamaica, Modern Library #112.  That was 6 years after being removed
from the catalog and replaced at 112 by Young Lions.


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