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Hi John,

OK, thanks!  So perhaps all these non-first type l(1) jackets were like
this, and possibly all were titles which previously had type i jackets.


> Ron,
> I have an Uncle Tom's Cabin with the l(1) DJ back; it has the type I
> jacket
> flaps, identical with the two UTC's  I have with the i back.
> John Peterson
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> Maugham / Best Short Stories was the first title not released in Fall 1965
> to be observed with the 'full band' type l jacket, which is identified as
> type l(1).  Originally it was thought only the first printings of titles
> in that season (a total of five) were given the full band (and all five
> did have that jacket, which is the first state jacket for them).  However,
> Maugham ended that theory and since then 3 other titles have been found
> with the full band.
> Yesterday, I noted something unusual with the Maugham type l(1) jacket:
> the front and back inside jacket flaps retained the jacket type i format
> (including the list of recommended titles on the inside rear jacket flap).
> I have never seen a type l jacket with the type i flaps; I wonder if the
> three other non first edition titles with type l(1) jackets have the same
> configuration.  Those titles are:
> 157.1 Stendhal  Red and the Black
> 261.1 Stowe     Uncle Tom's Cabin
> 302.1 Howard    World's Great Operas
> Each of these titles has been observed in a type i jacket and not yet
> observed in either the types j or k jackets.  So they could have the same
> carry forward configuration.
> I have attached an image of the Maugham inside flaps (you can see the full
> band from the back panel; this is a type l(1) jacket).  Also note the typo
> on the recommended title list: both Moon and Sixpence & Cakes and Ale are
> shown with ML#27.  M and S is 27; C and A is 270.
> ron
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