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John Peterson jpetersonlhi at frontier.com
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I have an Uncle Tom's Cabin with the l(1) DJ back; it has the type I jacket 
flaps, identical with the two UTC's  I have with the i back.

John Peterson

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Maugham / Best Short Stories was the first title not released in Fall 1965
to be observed with the 'full band' type l jacket, which is identified as
type l(1).  Originally it was thought only the first printings of titles
in that season (a total of five) were given the full band (and all five
did have that jacket, which is the first state jacket for them).  However,
Maugham ended that theory and since then 3 other titles have been found
with the full band.

Yesterday, I noted something unusual with the Maugham type l(1) jacket:
the front and back inside jacket flaps retained the jacket type i format
(including the list of recommended titles on the inside rear jacket flap).
I have never seen a type l jacket with the type i flaps; I wonder if the
three other non first edition titles with type l(1) jackets have the same
configuration.  Those titles are:

157.1 Stendhal  Red and the Black
261.1 Stowe     Uncle Tom's Cabin
302.1 Howard    World's Great Operas

Each of these titles has been observed in a type i jacket and not yet
observed in either the types j or k jackets.  So they could have the same
carry forward configuration.

I have attached an image of the Maugham inside flaps (you can see the full
band from the back panel; this is a type l(1) jacket).  Also note the typo
on the recommended title list: both Moon and Sixpence & Cakes and Ale are
shown with ML#27.  M and S is 27; C and A is 270.


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