[ModLib] Style 8 spine data configuration (T#3.4)

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I have 28 titles that are vertical on the book's spine in binding #8.  When I (re-)started collecting, I reinvented Mr. Toledano's numbering system for spine types and assigned 8a to style 8s with a vertical orientation so it was easy for me to count them.  (I have left that numbering system in my inventory.)  They include Aphrodite, The Autobiography of Cellini (150.3), The Unvanquished, The Consolation of Philosophy, etc. and the Shakespeare titles.  It would take a while to list them all but I can do it if you would like.

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Hi David,

The Shakespeare series is rather unique in the 'sideways' (vertical)
printing on the spine for a #8 binding, if that is what you are referring
to.  I don't know of any other titles printed in that orientation, but
there may be.  The length can't be the only reason, if it factored in at
all.  Other long words/names were printed horizontally (normal) like:

Modern Library Dictionary
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy  (and this is a relatively
thin book)
Rodgers & Hammerstein

And I've also seen words hyphenated (like Philosophical).

It's a good question... can anyone think of another title written sideways
on a #8 spine?


> First of all, I certainly do appreciate all of the diverse questions,
> clarifications, etc. that I receive.  Thanks to all.
> I have a question, and while I am asking it, I feel that the answer is
> simply that the title fits better perpendicular to the Kent log in the
> "block", vice in parallel.
> 				T#3.4	Style 8
> 	All of my other ML's of Style 8, have the Title parallel to the Kent
> logo.
> I full well realize that there are so many variables, and of course I am
> enjoying cataloguing them as I find them, but am just curious  - is this
> configuration  one of many,
> and was formatted according for space or what.
> Thank very much
> A ML embryonic but learning fast collector

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