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. I took a moment to scan my shelved books.  Being an accountant, that is
all the time I will afford and I shelve them in numerical order.

These are all firsts, save The Castle where the 1st reportedly has a cover
12 torchbearer on the title page:

#376 to 382; binding 12; all djs have a long flame on dj spine

#383 to 387; binding 13; all djs have a long flame on dj spine

#388 to 396; binding 14; all djs have a short flame on dj spine.

I shelve later djs with the firsts, so I scanned back to number 306 or so
for flame length on the tb in a box in a tall binding.  For the 14 binding I
found the following:

#50, Checkov, short flame, blank ep,  ISBN

#306 Confucius, long flame, blank ep,  dj N with ISBN in binding 13!

#324, Faulkner shorts, long flame, blank ep, ISBN

#325, Livy, short flame, fujita

#327, Counterfeiters, short flame, blank ep, ISBN

#329, Camus, short flame, fujita

#344, Medieval, short flame, fujita

#346, Tolstoy shorts, short flame, fujita

#353, Capote, short flame, fujita

#365, Mann, short flame, , blank ep, ISBN

#388, Castle, short flame, fujita

#388, Castle, short flame, blank ep, ISBN (SCOTT, this is a variation 5,
your notes indicate only a variation 2 exits for style o dj)

What does this all mean?  Can it help in dating jackets?  Not a clue, but
here are some observations based on my limited sample.

-It looks like the firsts in binding 14 all had a short flame on the dj
spine and all firsts with the torchbearer in a box in bindings 12 and 13 had
a long flame.

-Fujitas without an ISBN in my sample all have a short flame.

-There are ISBN's with both short and long flames

John Wolansky




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