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This weekend I plan to update my list of Regular and Giant buckrams (about 30+ Regulars and 20+ Giants) by binding type.  Soon thereafter I will email you a list.  Thank you for helping to organize this effort.

All the best,

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    I started a little project on my own in 2009 to try to verify date    ranges of the regular buckram bindings.
    If you would like to pull the title and binding style only, that is    fine.
    It will be June before I can gather data from my expanded    collection, twice as many volumes.
    I will email Ron and Scot my old spreadsheet offline.  Please give    me your feedback and we can get this rolling.
On 2/12/2014 11:38 AM, Scot Kamins      wrote:
My position in general on this stuff is that if      collectors show an interest and are willing to cooperate in      supplying the data, I'm in favor of tracking it and publishing the      results.      

It'll take some noodling to figure out the design, but I'm        willing do do it.

Any other collectors interested in this?


On Feb 12, 2014, at 6:46 AM, Ron Holl wrote:
Hi Bill,
              We track all bindings #1 through #14 in the database.               Perhaps we can add
              support for the various buckram bindings.  We would need              volunteers to
              enter the data though, I don't follow these (I have a              couple for curiosity
              Scot, what is your opinion on this?
Currently the ML website lists                only the occurrence of a title in buckram
and not its occurrence in more                than one binding.  Perhaps this is data
that could be listed; Ron Holl                seems to have a talent for such tables.  I
am impressed by the photos of your                buckram collection.  I have great
difficulty finding them.

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