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Thank you!   I knew that I could count on you for all things buckram.  Currently the ML website lists only the occurrence of a title in buckram and not its occurrence in more than one binding.  Perhaps this is data that could be listed; Ron Holl seems to have a talent for such tables.  I am impressed by the photos of your buckram collection.  I have great difficulty finding them.


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    Here are the ones I can think of at present: 
    Tom Jones, 185.2, that I have in a well-circulated B1 and a B3(a).     
    Flowering Judas, 284.1, in the 7.5" B1 as well as the normal B1.
    I have seen Capital, G26,  in the BG1 and I have it in the BG2.
    There are definitely more out there, but I do not currently have    access to my full collection to give a report.
    Glad to see you got that Man's Fate so that it may be properly    documented.  I have two copies of the B1 that made me hesitate to    purchase it...to your advantage.
On 2/11/2014 11:04 AM, Bill Hornick      wrote:
ML Community,
Yesterday I purchased Malraux's Man's Fate, 33.3,          in binding B2.  I already had it in binding B1.  This seems to          be the first reported discovery of a specific (numbered)          title in more than one binding variety.  Do any of you have or          know of another case  (or other cases) where a specific title,          Regular or Giant, exists in more than one buckram binding          variety?  I am sure that ML buckram collectors would like to          know.
Bill Hornick
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