[ModLib] Anybody got a #14 binding with anything EXCEPT a style o DJ?

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sun Feb 2 11:51:02 EST 2014

Hi Bill,

1) This makes sense, as this configuration (which appears to be unique)
was the result of taking the exact jacket topside for the title and
printing it on a type o size jacket.  Apparently they had to use the #14
binding?  Other titles in the mid 1970s retained the shorter format.

In all other known cases, when switching to the type o format at the very
least the topside rear panel was changed to the type o style and the lower
spine got the Fujita torchbearer.  Sometimes (infrequent) those were the
only changes.  Most times an "ml" was added to the front somewhere
(usually replacing an older torchbearer or a "modern library" block, and
there was an occasional color change.

2. This is an interesting and (as far as we know) unique situation.  This
was not a case of changing from a previous format to type o and a change
to that mark; rather this was a title that was initially released in
#14/type o format.  Perhaps they experimented with that title, and didn't
like it?  There were three other regular titles that year, and all had the
Fujita style.


> Ron,
> Two other anomalies regarding spine #14 titles' DJs:
> 1. As previously reported, my copy of Sons and Lovers has a DJ back style
> L5; it also is one of the only two DJs not to have a Fujita torchbearer on
> the DJ spine (of my 72 style #14 titles); instead it has the running
> torchbearer common to DJs of style #11.
> 2. My copy of Notebooks 1942-1951 by Camus is the only other DJ spine not
> to have a Fujita torchbearer; instead it has the stylized ml logo common
> to spine #12 DJs.
> Finally, in reviewing the Woodcuts list you recently moved from Amenities
> to the ML website, I have several questions and additional data to
> contribute.  Please send me your email address so that I can send the
> questions and data directly to you.  Thank you!
> Bill

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