[ModLib] Anybody got a #14 binding with anything EXCEPT a style o DJ?

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Sat Feb 1 21:47:37 EST 2014

Thanks much, John!

And that 14/9 is truly strange. :-)

On Feb 1, 2014, at 6:42 PM, jwol wrote:

> Of the eighty seven style 14 covers I have, they all  have an o jacket.   (Found two I had mislabeled as n!).
> And, I have a mix and match cover on 17.2, Mayor of Casterbridge by Hardy.  It is a tall 14 cover with a 9 spine design.  No ISBN on the jacket.  Highest book listed at end of book is 379, Of Plymouth Plantation by Bradford.  It has Fujita endpapers.

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