[ModLib] Anybody got a #14 binding with anything EXCEPT a style o DJ?

Bill Hornick willthemad at aol.com
Sat Feb 1 18:42:23 EST 2014


I have 72 titles in style #14 bindings.  Sons and Lovers, 333.1, is the only one that does not have a DJ back style o.


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Subject: [ModLib] Anybody got a #14 binding with anything EXCEPT a style o DJ?

Here's a really simple question:   Does anybody have ANY book with style #14 binding (that's the 1969 and later tall binding) with anything other than a style "o" DJ? Style o looks like this:


  It should be easy to check -- just look for the tall non-giant bindings in your collection and flip them over to have a look at the back. 

It would even be helpful if you looked at them and DIDN'T find one -- I'd like to know that you looked and were unsuccessful.


Scot Kamins

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