[ModLib] Request for Inventory Search: 19.3, 333.1

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sat Feb 1 17:37:10 EST 2014


I've never seen anything other than a type o on a #14 binding.  The type o
jacket indicated for that title must be an error then.  They surely would
not have created a type o jacket, then changed back to a type L in the mid

Thanks for reporting in.


> Ron,
> I have a copy of 333.1, Sons and Lovers, in a type #14 binding.  It is
> definitely the same size as all my other type #14 titles.  The DJ back
> style is L5 ( with no writing at all below the torchbearer in the black
> circle except for the SBN 394-60333-8 in the lower right corner.
> Bill Hornick
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> We have two titles in the database that indicate having both a type l(4/5)
> and type o jacket.  This is very unlikely, and I believe the report of a
> #14 binding is incorrect for each (the binding was probably a #13).  The
> culprits are:
> 019.3 Four Plays / Shaw
> 333.1 Sons and Lovers / Lawrence
> We will be removing the #14 indication, unless somebody can confirm
> either.  Of course, if found in the future we will add it back.
> Mr. Peterson, can you check your copy of 019.3?  I think your copy has the
> very last of the type l jacket varieties, l(5) which has only the SBN,
> probably in a #13 binding.  That would confirm the l(5).  We also have
> l(4) confirmed.
> Thanks very much.
> ron

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