[ModLib] Don Quixote w/Dali 1946 in #8 Green Binding Illustrated Modern Library

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Mr. Davis,

A complete answer to your questions can be found at www.modernlib.com.  Go to the Site Index.  Click on Author List.  Click on Cervantes. Click on the small blue box with an "i" in it.  This will bring up several paragraphs about the six editions of the book in Modern Library.  In short, your book is from the second printing (1947) of the Illustrated edition of 1946.  Leftover copies of that later printing were bound in a style #8 binding.  Few copies of this have been reported.

Bill Hornick

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Greetings all,

Thanks in advance for your time.  I want to list Subject book on Ebay and want 
to be clear about it's Edition and Printing.

I understand that there was only one printing of this book.  The extras were 
bound in the standard green #8 Binding by Illustrated Modern Library.

So, are we looking at a first edition, first and only printing in a rare 
binding?  Or should the terms 'first edition' and 'first printing' not apply 
here, and if so, what edition/printing of this book are we looking at?

BTW, interior of book is the same beautiful illustrations as the regular binding 
with both measuring 7.2"x4.8"x1.1".

Photos are attached.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Greg Davis

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