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This is probably "sizing" which is added to most binding cloth (and also to paper intended for printing and writing). The purpose is to create a harder surface that can be written or printed on and to reduce absorbancy (blotting paper isn't sized, for example). Sizing the binding cloth enhances its protective function.  Traditionally gelatin was used for sizing, but a variety of materials are used today. The cloth in Blumenthal bindings is clearly sized.  The balloon cloth used earlier ML bindings is either unsized or lightly sized.


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Hello Superior Collectors,
It seems to me (after trying to clean some soil spots) that there is something in, or on, the linen of the Blumenthal boards. Does anybody know what this is or could be? I'm pretty sure it belongs there. I appreciate your feedback - even if it's to tell me not to dink around with my books!

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