[ModLib] Bellamy Jacket Variations

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Sat Sep 14 17:49:39 EDT 2013

I've noticed that both of the Bellamy (Looking Backward, 22.3/22.4)
jackets (one with the intro statement on the front, the other without) had
the "A Modern Library Book" statement printed in both white and yellow. 
The original jackets on modernlib displayed yellow for the first one (with
the intro statement) and white for the second.

Scot and I are attempting to learn whether the coloring was random for
each jacket, or if it transitioned for both.  With the latter case, we'd
then like to determine the date ranges.  If ML collectors with this title
in their collection could report in, we'd appreciate it.

>From what we have so far, it appears that it was not random and the
sequence is:  Intro, Yellow -> Intro White -> No Intro White -> No Intro
Yellow.  Here is our data (Jacket Style, # Titles, Date):

Intro, Yellow:
h(4), unknown, unknown
unknown, 344, Fall 1949

Intro, White:
h(5), unknown, unknown

No Intro, White:
h(5), 362, Fall 1952
i, 370, Spring 1954

No Intro, Yellow:
i, 374, Fall 1955
i, 388, unknown
unknown, 408, Spring 1962

With the data above you can see the progression but we'd like a little
more data before making a conclusion.  And to get accurate date ranges
we'll need observations from right around the transition periods.



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