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I don't have a copy of the second printing of the Illustrated Don Quixote , but m y notes from the Random House archives indicate that some copies of the second printing were warehoused as unbound sheets and that after the Illustrated ML was discontinued these were bound in regular ML bindings and sold with regular ML stock. Does anyone have one of these? They should be in the Blumenthal binding. 


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My copy reads as your quote below. 

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Gary Johnson points out this absurdity in the notes for the illustrated Don QUixote: 


"The Illustrated edition had two printings. The first printing (fall 1946) was for 15,000 copies and the second in 1947 was for 5,000 copies. On the copyright page the first printing states: "DESIGNED BY GEORGE SALTER. Copyright, 1946, by Random House, Inc. Manufactured in the United States of America. Printed by Parkway Printing Co., and bound by H. Wolff ." The second copy has a different final sentence: " Printed by Parkway Printing Co., and bound by H. Wolff ." 


The idiot who wrote the BookNotes for ModernLib (ahem) obviously misunderstood the real final sentence for the second edition and just duplicated the first. Will someone who has the second edition please let me know what it REALLY is? I can't live with the shame. 




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