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Is this simply a matter of the jackets being switched?  For example, I have
some books with a jacket dated several years before the binding was first
I have several copies of this title with two 241.1 firsts listing 316 titles
and four 241.2 copies, including two with 1959 dj's referencing  385 titles.
The other two 241.2 copies list 376 and 379 copies.
Both my 241.1 copies have a list of other ML books in the back of the book.
Does Gary's book have a list of other ML titles in the back? If so, when
does it date to?
One other difference I note is the title block on the spine of the the
jacket is faded on the jackets in the 241.1 but are brighter yellow on the
As for you notes, Scott, my copies are in alignment with your notes.  But, I
don't have any copies circa 1950.

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Gary Johnson sent in this report on Burk's "Life & Works of Beethoven" :

> 241.1 Burk (with discography)  dj backstyle i (spring 1959 per Neavill,
385 titles, Auden present, Salinger not present)  This does not seem
possible, since 241.1 was only printed through 1950, but my 241.1 is in a
1959 jacket.

I'd like to confirm the dates I have in the BookNotes for that title:

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     8

First inverse DJ number:      316

Dates in print:     1946 - 1950 (discography)
                              1950 - 1970 (no discography)

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