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I have only the first edition (with discography) and the data agree with what is listed in the BookNotes.

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Gary Johnson sent in this report on Burk's "Life & Works of Beethoven" :

> 241.1 Burk (with discography)  dj backstyle i (spring 1959 per Neavill, 385 
titles, Auden present, Salinger not present)  This does not seem possible, since 
241.1 was only printed through 1950, but my 241.1 is in a 1959 jacket.

I'd like to confirm the dates I have in the BookNotes for that title:

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     8

First inverse DJ number:      316

Dates in print:     1946 - 1950 (discography)
                              1950 - 1970 (no discography)

Scot Kamins
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