[ModLib] Two Years Before the Mast

Gary Johnson gpj17gpj at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 00:49:40 EST 2013

I have a standard 236.2 Dana, Two Years Before the Mast, in a an eight
binding.  The notes on the web site essentially say that the second edition
has an additional chapter (Concluding Chapter) missing in the first
printing and no catalogue, which is present in the first printing.  My copy
has the Concluding Chapter (pp. 387-406), but it is followed by another
chapter titled Twenty-four Years After (pp. 407-443), followed by a two
page catalogue of Modern Library Giants (through G86). The chapter titled
Twenty-four Years After is signed R.H.D., JR., BOSTON, MAY 6, 1869 on the
final page.

Does anyone else have this configuration of 236.2? Is this a third variant
that needs to be described in the website notes, or is this standard for
236.2 and the web site notes merely need to be updated?

Gary Johnson
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