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Boni and Liveright published Ellis's The New Spirit in the ML in January 1921, and Cerf and Klopfer discontinued it at the end of 1932.   I was unaware of the National Home Library printing, but it wasn't unusual for Cerf and Klopfer to rent their plates to other publishers. The only tidbit of information I have from the archives is a letter from Cerf to H. L. Mencken in 1926  indicating that sales of The New Spirit,  which had been just over 1,500 copies annually during the preceding three years, jumped to 1,334 copies in the first six months of 1926 (Cerf to Mencken, 20 July 1926). The increase was probably the result of a newly published biography by Isaac Goldberg, Havelock Ellis: A Biographical and Critical Survey ( Simon and Schuster, 1926). 


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Today I picked up a copy of this title by Ellis, published by the National Home Library in 1935.  I got it because it was similar in size to a ML flexie, and wanted to see if it used the same plates as the ML version of the same title.  It turns out that each page, including the one page forward and two page preface by Ellis are identical to those of the ML Version of New Spirit(binding 4).  Since ML stopped publication of this title in 1932, does anyone know if Bennett Cerf sold or rented the plates to The National Home Library? 
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