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Here is a list of the current and recent ML categories of paperbacks.  Some titles in these series also simultaneously or later appeared in hardback Book Club Editions.  Sometimes the first or first few titles in each category appeared in hardback form, usually Giants editions.  I have followed Mr. Toledano's suggestion in his Guide and have tried to collect one sample from each category.

The categories are the terms used by ML either on the front cover, spine or back cover of the issues.

1. Chronicles
2. College Editions
3. Essential Writings
4. Exploration
5. Food
6. Gardening
7. Harlem Renaissance
8. Modern Library Paperbacks
9. Movies / Film
10. 100 Best Nonficition
11. 100 Best Novels
12. Proofs
13. Rediscoveries
14. Shakespeare
15. Trade Paperbacks
16. Translations
17. War
18. (No Identified Category)

Since no one, even ML itself, seems to have taken charge of classifying and inventorying all these issues, including the Regular, Giant and other-sized hardbacks in their various incarnations and reincarnations, the task will soon prove insurmountable.  I discover items mostly by serendipity.


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I just saw a book on ebay that is listed as being part of the Modern Library's War Series.  The cover does have a torch bearer.  Does anyone out there collect these?  Is there a list of titles anywhere.  

I have to say that Random House's Modern Library website is severely lacking in information on most thing Modern Library.

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