[ModLib] When did ML go to twice-yearly releases?

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Hello All,
Just a
couple observations pertaining to Scot’s question; in referencing Jay
Satterfield’s “The Worlds Best Books” - on page 70 he states that new ML titles
were released monthly until 1936. I couldn't find anything he mentioned about
what happened after that. Less significantly, looking through my books I found
on inside bottom of “c” and “d” jackets up to 1931 the statement "A NEW
TITLE IS ADDED ON THE 25th OF EACH MONTH". It appears that
beginning in 1932 this statement was omitted. It could be that there
was no longer any space with the continuous addition of titles.

Chad Bernu

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Subject: [ModLib] When did ML go to twice-yearly releases?

Hi Folks,

John Wolansky just sent me some scans from a 1930 ML brochure (http://www.modernlib.com/General/brochures.html#sprSum1930). He noted that one of the pages showed release dates by the month (http://www.modernlib.com/General/brochures/1930Monthly.jpg) and commented that he thought new titles were introduced only in the spring and fall. 

A little research showed that monthly expected publication dates showed up in catalogs for 1929, 1930, 1936, and 1941 (and perhaps in others -- those are the only ones I could look at).

So when did ML go to twice-yearly releases?

Scot Kamins
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