[ModLib] Colors of balloon cloth bindings - help needed

Roger Lathbury lathbury at gmu.edu
Sun Mar 10 23:37:04 EDT 2013

I have _The Great Gatsby_ (1935) in blue, green, and brown. My friend Matthew Bruccoli had them in all four colors.


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From: Gordon Barrick Neavill <neavill at wayne.edu>
Date: Sunday, March 10, 2013 10:45 pm
Subject: [ModLib] Colors of balloon cloth bindings -  help needed

> When balloon cloth bindings replaced imitation leather in January 
> 1929, four colors of cloth were used -- red, green, blue and 
> brown.  A portion of each ML printing was bound in each color.  
> For example, I have four jacketed copies of the first ML printing 
> of Huysmans, Against the Grain (183), published in December 1930 --
> one in each of the four colors.
> I've always assumed that the ML continued the policy of binding 
> each printing during the balloon cloth era in all four colors -- 
> but I don't know for sure.  Beginning with the Blumenthal binding 
> in fall 1939, each printing appears to have been bound in a single 
> color, though binding colors could vary from one printing to another.
> With your help it should be easy to confirm whether later 
> printings in balloon cloth were bound in mutliple colors or a 
> single color.
> My first printing of Dickens, David Copperfield (spring 1934) is 
> bound in blue balloon cloth; my first printing of The Wisdom of 
> Confucius (spring 1938) is bound in dark red cloth. If you have 
> first printings of either of these I'd appreciate knowing the 
> color of the binding.
> Thanks!
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