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I've been going through the Author pages, looking the implementation of the Dust Jacket Date Range project. Neither I nor my partner in ModernLib Ron Holl (who doesn't get nearly the recognition he deserves for his ongoing great work, both manifest and behind the scenes) are happy with how it stands at the moment. 

Unless you've been "in on it" from the start, you really can't tell what those dates mean. It just isn't evident. 

Also, many of the date ranges can be closed up through logical supposition based on what we know about the range of use of ML logos, DJ styles, and to some extend binding styles.

Here's an analysis of the types of date ranges I've discovered:

1) Completed title, high confidence:


All dates accounted for either by reports from collectors or from late catalog

2) Completed title, medium confidence:

http://www.modernlib.com/authors/aAuthors/andersonJackets.html#115.1 (Poor White)

Fuzzy edge between the b end date and the B start date, but only by two years via collector reports so I was confident to bridge them via question mark. Actually, I'd feel OK about removing the question mark. This is the area where the dates can be closed with logical supposition!

To see how I'm implementing this, say any of the J authors (except Joyce & Jung, which I'm still working on).

3) Incomplete page, some hope of completion:

http://www.modernlib.com/authors/aAuthors/aristotleJackets.html#228.1 (Politics)

No way to bridge gaps without further reports from collectors


4) Likely incomplete page, little to no hope of completion:


We've seen many variations in the text and layout of BL front panels. Here we see no connecting dates whatever, nor do I hope to.


5) Incomplete page, definitely missing DJs

http://www.modernlib.com/authors/bAuthors/balzacJackets.html#040.1 (Short Stories)

Title started in 1918 but we have no BL DJs

PLEASE send your reactions to this. Last time I checked, there were over 130 people on this mailing list — some of you MUST have opinions in the matter.

Scot Kamins
No, I can't do this all on my own.
I know, I'm no superman -- theme song from Scrubs 

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