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I have copies of Varieties of Religious Experience in a style 10 binding with Kent endpapers in gray and a style 11 binding with Kent endpapers in tan.  Style 10 has the list of James titles facing the title page and the biographical note on James facing the copyright page.  Style 11 omits the list of James titles (the page facing the t.p. is blank) and the biographical note has been moved to the end of the book, facing  p. 526 (the last index page).  I don't think minor differences like these warrant a new number. 

More significantly the copy in the style 11 binding has a reset half title and title page and appears to have been printed by offset lithography.  T he copy in a style 10 binding appears to have been printed letterpress.  The cost of o ffset printing fell below that of letterpress around 1963 and the ML immediately switched  most of its printing to  offset. 


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John Wolansky did some comparisons between two copies of Varieties of Religious Experience,1962 and 1967. He discovered  that  the later edition omits the list of other works, the notes on the author, and has a different pagination for the contests. Here's a chart he constructed: 

1962       1967 

  X             X           Half title page 
  X                           List of other works by James 
  X             X           Title page 
 X             X           Copyright page 
  X                           Notes on author 
  X             X           Dedication 
ix-xv      vii-xiii     Contents 
  X             X           Preface 
So this begs these questions:  

(1) Was 1967 the first year of the changes, or did it happen earlier?   
(2) Are the deletions (list of other works, notes on the author) enough to warrant a new collectable variety (HO - pun there) with the need for a new Tole# (70.3)? 

-- Scot 
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