[ModLib] Some Discrepancies

Chad Bernu skinnygypsy at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 15 12:46:34 EDT 2013

Dear Collectors of Fabulous Books,
I’ve noticed a couple of discrepancies between two first
editions I have and what the outstanding Modernlib.com has in the book notes for
those editions. The problems are:
1) The Wisdom of China and India G59.2
            Book notes:
1956 first with a G4 binding
            My copy: 1955
first with a G5 binding
2) The Age of Innocence 229.1
            Book notes:
1942 first with 284 titles on the jacket
            My copy:
1943 first with 291 titles on the jacket which is a spring 1943 jacket
I have to imagine that the book notes are wrong but I’m
wrong all the freaking time so…
Thank you for your help on this and previously on my Point
Counter Point question.
Chad Bernu
P.S. Sorry, I can't help with the Enormous Room question.
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