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A great find!  ...But you kept referring to various editions of Ulysses as G50.2, G50.3 and G50.4 when they should be G52.2, G52.3 and G52.4.

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John Wolansky has uncovered an reported edition of Ulysses, to which on John's suggestion I've assigned the new Tole #G50.3. This version has the page numbers from the 1934 Random House first American edition added as glosses to the page margins. I speculate this latest ML printing was first released in 1969-- please check your copies and see if you have this version and supply what dating info you can. Maybe Barry can comment on this. As soon as I get dates firmed up, I'll update the Booknotes.

Here are John's observations and links to a couple of images:

"The first pic shows the same set of pages in the G50.2 and G50.3 versions.
Note the additional numbers in the margins of the G50.3 on the right.
Otherwise the pagination is the same."


"The second pic is the front flap from the three editions.  The G50.1 first
edition is on the left, then a 1967 copy of G50.2, and a 1970 copy of G50.3.
Note the additional verbiage on the flap re: the addition of the numbers."


"Although my copy of the G50.3 jacket does not have an ISBN, I believe I did
see one on eBay with an ISBN on the back panel of the jacket."

Scot Kamins
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