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Do you mean The Making of Society, An Outline of Sociology? ML # 183.

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> The May 2013 issue of Contemporary Sociology (v. 42, no. 3, pp. 315-23)  
> has an excellent column devoted to the ML by the journal's editor, Alan  
> Sica.  Titled "Editor's Remarks: When Sociology Reached the Masses" it  
> deals with the ML's early years and then focuses on V. F. Calverton's  
> two ML collections, The Making of Man (1930) and The Making of Sociology  
> (1937).  It's available online through many academic libraries, but  
> you'll probably need to be affiliated with the insitution to have remote  
> access.  However, many academic libraries allow unaffiliated users to  
> access electronic materials from terminals in the library.
> Barry

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