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Hi Bill,


My guess is the James first states Feb or March 1968 (or some other early
month).  The other 3 from 1968 (in Gj2) are all Sep.


> My First Edition copy of James/Writings has DJ back style Gj, variation 1.
> My First Edition copy of Thomas/Lincoln also has DJ back style Gj,
> variation 2.
> Good fortune in your data quest.
> Bill
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> Scot and I have been working on classifying dust jacket variations, and
> ave found additional characteristics of the late 60s and early 70s
> ackets.  We all know that regular type ‘n’ came before regular type
> ‘o’;
> he ‘o’ jacket only exists on type 14 bindings which originated in 1969.
> he ‘n’ jackets started showing up in 1967.  Other than dimensions the
> acket backs are very similar, the main difference appears to be the
> lacement of the text block which starts as “FOR THE MODERN READERÂ
”  We
> ave not documented it anywhere (although the sample images show it), that
> ith few exceptions the ‘n’ jackets have this block below the “ml” logo
> hile the ‘o’ jackets have the block to the right of the “ml” logo.
> Continuing to the giants, we have observed that the Gj jackets have the
> ext block below the logo, and the Gi jackets have the text to the right.
>  theory can be established thus:
> In this regard, Gj is similar to ‘n’, Gi is similar to ‘o’.  Extending
> his to dates of introduction, one could conclude that Gj was introduced
> long with the ‘n’ jackets, and Gi along with the ‘o’ jackets.  And,
> inally, that Gj preceded Gi in its introduction.   To see if empirical
> ata matches this theory, here are what we believe are the first edition
> ackets for late 1960 giants:
> G90.1	Philosophies of Art and Beauty	1966	Gh
> 94.1	Leatherstocking Saga		1966	Gh
> 95.1	World of Opera			1966	Gp
> 97.1	Lost Illusions			1967	Gj1
> 98.1	The Wall			1967	Gj1
> 96.1	Writings (James)		1968	Gj?
> 64.2	Lincoln				1968	Gj2
> 80.2	Basic Writings			1968	Gj2
> 44.2	Second Sex			1968	Gj2
> 99.1	Cotton Kingdom			1969	Gi2
> 100.0	Children of Sanchez		1969	Gi2
> 101.1	English Romantic Poets		1970	Gi2
> 102.1	Between Hume and Mill		1970	Gi2
> The progression and dates line up very nicely between regular and giant
> ackets.  The mapping is:
> lÂ’ <-> Gh (including variations)
> mÂ’ <-> Gp
> nÂ’ <-> Gj (including variations)
> oÂ’ <-> Gi (including variations)
> Another similarity is the n/o/Gj/Gi variations.  Like the ‘o1’ there is
> robably no ‘Gi1’ in existence; those jacket types came out after
> ariation 2 was already in place.
> We also believe it is unusual for a jacket to exist in both the ‘n’ and
> oÂ’ states (and even less likely in the Gj and Gi states).  Although
> erhaps that is not the case.  This is where we could use some help.  With
> he aid of the pages shown below, weÂ’d appreciate accurate reports on any
> j and Gi jackets including variations.  There is a concern, due to the
> imilarity between Gj and Gi, that some of our data for these jackets is
> ot accurate.  In particular, weÂ’d like to confirm that Thomas/Lincoln had
> oth a Gj and Gi jacket.  We would also like a confirmation on the first
> dition jacket for James/Writings.
> Giant jacket backs:
> ttp://modernlib.com/Identifiers/djBacksGiant/backsGiant.html
> Gj and Gi variations:
> ttp://modernlib.com/Identifiers/genreDjBacks/genreDjBacks.html
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