[ModLib] Late 1960s GIant Jackets

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Tue Jul 23 13:30:39 EDT 2013

Scot and I have been working on classifying dust jacket variations, and
have found additional characteristics of the late 60s and early 70s
jackets.  We all know that regular type ‘n’ came before regular type ‘o’;
the ‘o’ jacket only exists on type 14 bindings which originated in 1969. 
The ‘n’ jackets started showing up in 1967.  Other than dimensions the
jacket backs are very similar, the main difference appears to be the
placement of the text block which starts as “FOR THE MODERN READER
”  We
have not documented it anywhere (although the sample images show it), that
with few exceptions the ‘n’ jackets have this block below the “ml” logo
while the ‘o’ jackets have the block to the right of the “ml” logo.

Continuing to the giants, we have observed that the Gj jackets have the
text block below the logo, and the Gi jackets have the text to the right. 
A theory can be established thus:

In this regard, Gj is similar to ‘n’, Gi is similar to ‘o’.  Extending
this to dates of introduction, one could conclude that Gj was introduced
along with the ‘n’ jackets, and Gi along with the ‘o’ jackets.  And,
finally, that Gj preceded Gi in its introduction.   To see if empirical
data matches this theory, here are what we believe are the first edition
jackets for late 1960 giants:

G90.1	Philosophies of Art and Beauty	1966	Gh
G94.1	Leatherstocking Saga		1966	Gh
G95.1	World of Opera			1966	Gp
G97.1	Lost Illusions			1967	Gj1
G98.1	The Wall			1967	Gj1
G96.1	Writings (James)		1968	Gj?
G64.2	Lincoln				1968	Gj2
G80.2	Basic Writings			1968	Gj2
G44.2	Second Sex			1968	Gj2
G99.1	Cotton Kingdom			1969	Gi2
G100.0	Children of Sanchez		1969	Gi2
G101.1	English Romantic Poets		1970	Gi2
G102.1	Between Hume and Mill		1970	Gi2

The progression and dates line up very nicely between regular and giant
jackets.  The mapping is:
‘l’ <-> Gh (including variations)
‘m’ <-> Gp
‘n’ <-> Gj (including variations)
‘o’ <-> Gi (including variations)

Another similarity is the n/o/Gj/Gi variations.  Like the ‘o1’ there is
probably no ‘Gi1’ in existence; those jacket types came out after
variation 2 was already in place.

We also believe it is unusual for a jacket to exist in both the ‘n’ and
‘o’ states (and even less likely in the Gj and Gi states).  Although
perhaps that is not the case.  This is where we could use some help.  With
the aid of the pages shown below, we’d appreciate accurate reports on any
Gj and Gi jackets including variations.  There is a concern, due to the
similarity between Gj and Gi, that some of our data for these jackets is
not accurate.  In particular, we’d like to confirm that Thomas/Lincoln had
both a Gj and Gi jacket.  We would also like a confirmation on the first
edition jacket for James/Writings.

Giant jacket backs:

Gj and Gi variations:


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