[ModLib] DJ/Book Title Disparities

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Tue Jan 8 18:26:32 EST 2013


Bill Hornick points to cases where looking at a different place for a book's title can lead to confusion and sometimes to wrong book orders. He suggests that there should be a ModernLib page listing these disparities.

Modern Library books have as many as seven places where the title can appear:
• DJ spine
• DJ front cover
• DJ front flap
• Book spine
• Book cover
• Half-title page
• Title page

Here are two simple cases:
 -- The 5th DJ of 100.3 ( http://www.modernlib.com/authors/sAuthors/swiftJackets.html#100.2 ) shows Gulliver's Travels / A Tale of a Tub / The Battle of the Books on the DJ front panel. The same title appears on the book's title page. But the book's spine and front cover (#8 binding at least) both just list Gulliver's Travels.
-- The 4th DJ of 181.1 ( http://www.modernlib.com/authors/pAuthors/platoJackets.html#181.1 ) says The Philosophy of Plato on the spine and front panel but the book's spine and cover  say The Works of Plato, as does the title page.

Much greater offenders  include the Aiken poetry books ( http://www.modernlib.com/authors/misc/poetry/poetryAnthologiesJackets.html#101.2 ) and I suspect the various collections of Ibsen plays ( http://www.modernlib.com/authors/iAuthors/ibsenJackets.html#006.1 ), although I can't confirm this because I don't have any of them. (Long story.) 

I think this is worth doing.

The nice thing about this project is that it's so easy for people to check -- you just look at the seven possible places for any mismatches! There are no dates to look up, no numbers to compare. You just look, and the disparities manifest themselves. 

Actually, perhaps you can skip the half-title page and DJ front flap. They may present differences, but since I suspect nobody looks there for book/DJ matching and ordering purposes, differences don't matter and therefor are of little use.
 I'll suggest a format for reporting after I see a few emails from people. I'd prefer to see a public discussion, but you're shy you can just email me (kamins at ModernLib.com) your thoughts on this 

 -- Scot Kamins

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