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Right you are, James. My copy (and that of Vincent Civiletti, who called this to my attention) has the following:

1-works by author
2-biographical notes on author
3- preface by author.

Vincent wonders if the "intro" is actually the biographical note.

On Feb 28, 2013, at 3:16 PM, John Ireland wrote:

> Scot,
> My 1940 (271) #8 has a one-page "Note on the author" after the title page, but no indication of who wrote it.
> John Ireland
> >>> Scot Kamins <scot.kamins at gmail.com> 02/28/13 4:43 PM >>>
> Folks,
> In a couple of laces, ModernLib says that Horace M. Kallen wrote the introduction to  James' Varieties of Religious Experience. My copy, a later printing, doesn't have this intro. Would you please check your copy if you have one and report the date of your copy?
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