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I like the Modern Library but do not collect the volumes in same way that most others here do. What interests me are Modern Library editions that use the same letterpress plates as the original trade editions, such as _Winesburg, Ohio, Babbitt, Sanctuary, Sons and Lovers,_ and _Sister Carrie._ There are others.

I also like Modern Library editions that are signed or that have been compiled especially for the series by the author—e. g., Auden's selected poems, Richard Bausch's stories, etc.


Roger Lathbury
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Thanks, everyone for your responses.  I started my collection without
having any knowledge of the ML history or even that there were other
enthusiasts.  I knew there had to be other collectors since the books never
seemed to stay in the used bookstores very long.  Once I found Scott's
website I got hooked.

FWIW, I collect only hardbacks - primarliy the Binding style #8 (I have
picked up a few 6-11's when I can not find a title in 8 and the price is
right.)  And I collect the Giants in binding style 5.  Apparently I am
somewhat in a minority in that I am NOT particularly interested in the DJ.
 When I have the books out and shelved I generally have the dj's saved in
an acid free box and the books themselves arranged by color (silly huh?)
 Or even in first editions.  I suppose if I was attempting on making a
valuable collection versus one that has titles I like I might be
differently motivated.  I do have some of the faux 80's but am limiting
myself to the Woodcut DJ which I actually do like.  For the 90/2000
bindings (what exactly do collectors call these with the author photos on
the spine?)  I have several but have now strategized only to collect those
titles not previously available in vintage bindings.  As several of you
have mentioned, the fun is the hunt.

So a follow up question what was your first ML book that got you started?
 Mine was a type 8 copy of Plato's Republic with a dj that I found for $3.
 Really liked it and then started to see more of the same styles in the
book stores I haunted at the time.


On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 7:05 PM, Graham, Charles <
charles.graham at dominican.edu> wrote:

> I started collecting the newer 'corrected text' Faulkners.  I have not had
> a chance to compare with the vintage copies, but it seemed like a good
> excuse, and they do look nice on the shelf.  I like the reissue of the
> Bernhard endpapers, it makes for a stately looking edition.
> I also have *The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou* (2004)
> and Michael Shaara's *The* *Killer Angels: A Novel of the Civil War*(2004).
> I generally stick with collecting the vintage Modern Library editions, as
> there is something about the 'thrill of the find' in the used bookstores.
> Chuck Graham
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> Dominican University of California
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 2:56 PM, <dchock7 at aol.com> wrote:
>> I collect the first editions of the paperbacks, but not the current ML
>> publications. I am missing one of the paperback firsts.
>> Pete
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>> A question for all you collectors out there:  Is anyone STILL collecting
>> the current publications by Modern Library?  I saw recently that Cloud
>> Atlas had been added to a Mod Lib publication, but as I understand it,
>> there is no uniformity in binding style, size or dust jacket in any of the
>> current publications.
>> A second question I had as I get deeper and deeper into this collecting
>> thing is Do any of you collect the paperbacks or is everyone strictly
>> collecting hardcovers of various eras?
>> Thanks
>> Bryan T.
>> Chattanooga, TN
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