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Since 2011, the Regulars and the Giants have nearly all appeared in wheat and beige quartercloth.
There are previous exceptions like the "super" giants such as the complete Shakespeare, the book-club edition of Grant's Memoirs and the 75th anniversary edition of Candide.  There are also book-club editions of many Giants and the Chronicles; most are in black paper-covered boards, but not all.

Both the Regulars and Giants all have the original Bernhard design endpapers, C for the Regulars and GD for the Giants.  The Regulars continue to be the size of style #14 (three are wider); the Giants maintain the standard size with an occasional 1/4 inch taller size (Dusk, Blood Meridian, New York Diaries).

Dust jackets have reverted to plain (non-glossy) paper. Just as the 1940-1975 period, there is little consistency in style. Sets, however, do have a matched theme ( for example, the six volumes of Faulkner and the three volumes of Massie released last year.

There is no dust-jacket print date on the rear fold; only a copyright date on the rear flap.  The back of the dust jackets generally falls into two categories: 1) a photo of the author with little or no text and 2) excerpts from reviews like the style r and Gm (but there are a few varieties).  DJs exist both with and without a list of titles on the reverse, even for different printings of the same title.  As before at Random House, it seems that no one is minding the store for consistency.  Don't overlook the boxed set of three hardbacks and one paperback of Foote's Civil War Trilogy.

There is a flood of paperbacks in fifteen different categories by my count: classics, 100 best novels, Harlem Renaissance, war, exploration, food, gardening, movies, etc.  I follow Mr. Toledano's advice in the Guide and try to have at least one from each category.

Most important, however, is that you collect what you want to collect.  Preferences will emerge based on taste, availability, affordability and the like.  Just enjoy the hunt and the reading.  

I hope that I have been helpful.

Bill Hornick

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A question for all you collectors out there:  Is anyone STILL collecting the current publications by Modern Library?  I saw recently that Cloud Atlas had been added to a Mod Lib publication, but as I understand it, there is no uniformity in binding style, size or dust jacket in any of the current publications.  

A second question I had as I get deeper and deeper into this collecting thing is Do any of you collect the paperbacks or is everyone strictly collecting hardcovers of various eras?


Bryan T.
Chattanooga, TN

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