[ModLib] Hauptmann's Heretic of Soana -- what color is your DJ?

John Peterson jpetersonlhi at frontier.com
Sat Dec 21 12:59:57 EST 2013

My Hauptmann stated first and its DJ parted ways some decades ago, so I 
didn't respond.   But Ron's input motivated me to get my copy down and look 
at it.   To my surprise, I found that the owner cut out the front DJ 'blurb' 
and attached it within.  It is tan.  Since the glue that fastened this 
fragment to the front pastedown has failed, I am able to look at the partial 
list info on the reverse.  It has enough information to say that two 1928 
titles are listed: Dreiser, Twelve Men (148), and Joyce, A Portrait (145). 
I'm not sure that this helps form any conclusions, but I'm contributing what 
info I have to the pot.

John Peterson

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Scot, if I had a Hauptmann in jacket I'd have responded.  Promptly.  But I
don't, and I checked twice.

> OK, just two people responded. The two reports back up Barry's findings,
> but that's still a pretyy poor sampling and I think no conclusion can be
> drawn.
> Thanks to those who answered.
> On Dec 19, 2013, at 3:19 PM, dchock7 at aol.com wrote:
>> Scot,
>> My stated Hauptmann first has the Spring 1928 typographical tan jacket
>> (no Apuleius listed).
>> Pete
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>> The first and likely only printing of this title was for 6, 000 copies.
>> There were evidently two two printings of the dust jacket. So far we
>> have just one report each of a Spring 1928 DJ on tan paper and a Fall
>> 1928 DJ on blue paper, both from Barry. I'm trying to determine which DJ
>> was the first, but obviously I need more reports. If you have this
>> title, please let me know what color paper your DJ is on and what its
>> date is.
>> Thanks much,
>> Scot Kamins

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