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There is a description of this edition here:


The noted differences are:

"One exception to the above is an apparent Book Club edition of Eliot's
Middlemarch.  This edition states "BOMC offers recordings and compact
discs, cassettes and records.  For information and catalog write to BOMR,
Camp Hill, PA 17012." on the copyright page.  Other differences with this
edition are: No price on front jacket flap; no ISBN on jacket back,
instead "Printed in the U.S.A." is in that location; no list of titles
inside the jacket; blank end papers; and no copyright date.  The back of
the jacket retains the statement "For a complete list of Modern Library
titles currently available, see inside jacket.""


> Ron,
> I'm not familiar with the book club edition of Middlemarch. My copy is the
> regular ML edition with a $10.95 list price.  I'd be interested in
> learning more about it!
> Barry
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> Hi Barry,
> What would have caused the addition of the BOMC statement (and the change
> of the jacket) on the Middlemarch woodcut?
> thanks,
> ron
>> I'm not aware of any ML books as such that were selections of a book
>> club.
>> For modern copyrighted works the idea is absurd. The original publisher
>> granted the ML the right to reprint a cheaper edition, and it would be
>> the
>> original publisher who authorized any book club edition. There were
>> probably ML titles that were also selections of book clubs, but the ML
>> would not have been involved in any way and any book club editions would
>> have looked like the original publisher's edition, not the ML reprint.
>> Barry

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