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As faras I know, there were no book club editions in the classic period that ModernLib covers. Interestingly enough, book clubs used to give MLs away as bonuses. Here's a ModernLib article about it (listed in the index as Book Club Bonuses):


On Dec 11, 2013, at 7:49 PM, DAVID FARRAGUT ROHDE wrote:

> And I hope I am on the correct avenue, to ask a question about Modern Library Editions.
> I am buying many editions on AbeBooks.  Very often the commentary about the book for sale reflect "BOOK CLUB EDITION"
> I am ignorant if such is really a Modern LIbrary or if it is copyrighted Modern LIbrary but actually a Book Club Edition.
> Please excuse me ignorance, but sure would appreciate anyone helping me out.
> Thanks very much
> David
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