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Based on Bill Hornick's research, it seems appropriate to add a new Toledano number 50.6 attached to the title The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov.  The title of 50.5 as it appears on the book's title page changed from The Stories of Anton Chekhov to The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov in the Spring of 1964, evidently first appearing in binding 10.

We are indebted to Bill for discovering this collectable variation.

Thanks much,


>  From: Bill Hornick
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> Subject: [ModLib] T/Chekhov's (Short) Stories
> ML Collectors,
> I need your help.  Whether the name was Tchekhov or Chekhov, his Stories always appeared in dust jackets that said "The Short Stories of Anton..."
> The title pages, the ML official title of the book, however, always said "The Stories of Anton..."  That is until I acquired a spine #14 of 50.5 whose title page reads "The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov."
> The ML website's BookNotes and Confirmed Bindings pages say that 50.5 also exists in bindings #10 and #11.  Can any ML collector tell me what each title page says?  I am trying to determine the first binding that appeared with the new title-page title; was it #10, #11 or my #14?
> Also, should the ML website recognize this title change?  If so, how?  Would mention in the BookNotes for 50.5 suffice or would it merit a  new Toledano number as all previous title-page changes (except Moll Flanders with the &C. and two varieties of six lines of subtitle) have received?
> Whatever the answers to my questions, the ML Community should know that there is a collectible variety of 50.5 out there.  Thank you for your help.
> Bill Hornick

Scot Kamins
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