[ModLib] 1970 Titles in the Catalog without Later Bindings

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Wed Aug 28 11:03:41 EDT 2013

Continuing on the topic of titles in the catalog to the end, but possibly
not really 'in print', below are all titles which are in the ML catalog
through 1970, but have not been reported seen (yet) in a binding after #8.
 There are 10 in total.  If there was a jacket reported later than type i,
that is indicated.

Modern Library Dictionary	Misc		1.6   (k jacket)
Looking Backward		Bellamy		22.4
Aphrodite			Louys		77.2
Henry Esmond			Thackeray	80.3
Apologia Pro Vita 		Newman		113.3
Stories of Modern Italy		Misc		118.4 (j jacket)
Federalist			Misc		139.4
Greek Poets			Misc		203.2 (l jacket)
Antic Hay			Huxley		209.1
Six Novels			Colette		251.2

For verification of inclusion in the catalog, I am using what we have
specified in the database, and checking against the list in the back of
393.1 The Death and Life of Great American Cities, FMLE, Sep 1969 (which
is likely a 1967 list).


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