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I have a fall 1951 jacket ("358 OUTSTANDING TITLES") that does not mention the author of the introduction on the front panel or front flap. The front flap text is in serifed type.

I have seen (but don't have) a spring 1954 printing with the flap text reset in sans-serif type with the outdated information “Introduction by | Heywood Broun” added between the author and the flap text.

The ML began setting jacket flaps in sans serif type for new titles in fall 1953 and reset the flap text of older jackets as they were reprinted. When the Looking Backward flap text was reset in sans serif type, the person responsible for coordinating it must have got hold of an early jacket that stated "INTRODUCTION BY HEYWOOD BROUN" on the front panel and, noting that this information was no longer indicated on the front of the jacket, decided to add it to the flap. The person should have known better if he or she had a copy of the book, but it's possible the decision was based on copies of the jacket only.


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Chris Brennan noticed an apparent error on 22.4 of Bellamy's Looking
Backward: a 1955 dated jacket (which was several years after the intro
author switch from Broun to Shurter), with the intro author removed from
the front jacket cover, had Broun listed as the intro author on the front
jacket flap.  The book inside the jacket had the Shurter intro, as

After doing some research it appears that when the jacket changed from
type h(5) to type i Broun was added to the front jacket flap as the intro
author.  Previously, all type h jackets did not mention the intro author
on the front flap.  h(5) and earlier jackets had Broun on the front cover
until 1951; the h(5) was changed to remove Broun from the front cover when
the Shurter intro replaced his in 1951.

Does anyone have a type i jacket without Broun listed as the intro author
on the front flap?  Another interesting point: I've never seen this title
in a binding later than #8 or a jacket later than type i; can anyone
confirm a configuration later than either of these?


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