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Hi Barry,

Is that a complete list of ML titles with a first binding of 5.2 (blind
stamped type 5 binding)?

There are 31 titles with a first binding type of 5.  You listed 7 which
you have with 5.2 as the first binding; of those, 6 have T#s sequentially
after 173.1 (which had a 5.1 first binding).  But you also include 107.2,
so it seems like you have covered the non-sequential also.

There are 6 non-sequential titles with a type 5 first binding.  You
covered one of those as having a 5.2 first binding.  One other is a 1929
release.  We have observed 5.1 bindings in 3 of the other 4.  That leaves
one non-sequential title from 1930: 43.2 Huneker/Painted Veils.  Can you
confirm that has a first binding of 5.1?



> A number of ML titles published in 1930 had the grape vine design on the
> spine with a blind stamped torchbearer on the front cover.  I have first
> printings in this format of Maugham, Of Human Bondage; Cervantes, Don
> Quixote; Great Modern Short Stories; Mencken, Selected Prejudices; Goethe,
> Faust; Walpole, Fortitude; Young, The Medici; and Huxley, Point Counter
> Point.
> Earlier titles with the grape vine design in gold on the spine and the
> torchbearer in gold on the front cover used more gold that was
> economically feasible for books retailing at 95 cents. Cerf and Klopfer's
> solution was to eliminate gold from the front cover and blind stamp the
> torchbearer.  It wasn't long before they eliminated the grape vine design
> altogether, leaving just the 2-line imprint MODERN | LIBRARY in gold on
> the spine.  That allowed them to restore gold stamping for the
> the torchbearer on the front panel of the binding.
> Barry
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