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Not sure if I am on the same page, here, but, I recollect some discussion
among the list members several years ago on early 1920's bindings that were
a bit stiffer than the other early bindings.  Selected Addresses and Papers
of Woody Wilson and Wilde's Fairy Tales are in my collection.  They both
have a dark blue linen textured cover with the monk on the cover and sewn
bindings rather than glued.
Thinking I would be clever, I found this link in the archives containing an
exchange between us in 2003 (yikes!  Ten years ago):

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I've seen the following B&L titles in variant bindings (dark red imitation
leather or blue cloth):

Norris, McTeague (dark red imitation leather) Woman Question (dark red
imitation leather) Yeats, ed., Irish fairy and folk tales (non-flexible
binding in blue cloth) Diana of the Crossways (non-flexible binding in blue
cloth) Gilbert, Mikado (non-flexible binding in blue cloth)

I have copies of a couple of these; the others were in the collection of the
pioneering ML collector John Ely which is now at the Beinecke Library at

I've always assumed (without documentary evidence) that the ML was testing a
new binding or the B&L binder ran short of the regular binding material.

Does anyone have other examples?

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