[ModLib] Height of P-39?

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I'm pretty sure all copies are 1/4 inch taller than the standard size of ML Paperbacks.  The paperback was printed from the plates used for the original RH hardbound edition, and the margins at the head and foot are pretty narrow as it is. 


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I believe I have seen both. 

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Does anybody have a copy of P-39 that is NOT taller than the other P-series books? 

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Mine is also tall, and a first.  

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My copy of P-39 is also tall. 
John Peterson 


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Hi Folks, 
John Wolansky writes " I have an oversized P39 Historic Man that is a full ¼” taller than all other books on my P series shelf."  I don't have a copy (thought I did) so I can't check: Are all copies of this title taller? Or, like the Picasso, does the larger format indicate a first or later printing? 


Scot Kamins 
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