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Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 14:21:23 EDT 2012

Glad to see the biblio bug has bitten yet another.
I store some jackets as you mentioned, but they are stored flat in 
archival jacket protectors so they are ready to go into use if needed.  
DJs mean everything for modern firsts, but not necessarily the Modern 
Library.  MLs were made to be consumed by the masses, so a 'perfect' 
collection, in-DJ, seems to be at odds with the intent of the series.  
However, you may want to consider a quest for a few nice early specimens 
in-jacket as a cornerstone of your collection. Be aware that jacketed 
volumes shelved alongside jacket-less volumes may drive you insane.

The bulk of my collection is Buckram bindings which were distributed 
jacket-less, as their skin is so thick it needs no flimsy jacket to 
protect it (or make it pretty).  The 90's take up the next largest 
section of real estate.  John's post said it all - they are much easier 
to find in the used bookstores.  There is a load of new material on the 
website about the 90's titles, also.   Lastly, I like the balloon cloth, 
esp. when cheap.  That seems to be a by-product of the biblio bug venom 
- cheapness.  The balloon cloth volumes are usually separated at the 
hinges by the time I find them, so I do not have as many as I would like.

Good hunting,

On 9/29/2012 10:06 PM, Bryan Tinkle wrote:
> A question from a novice;  do most ML collectors only collect volumes 
> with Dust Jackets?  I ask because I actually started picking up the 
> books because 1. I liked the individual book/subject matter and 2. I 
> liked having spines that all matched.  (I prefer the Toledano #8 
> bindings) and I actually removed the dj's (kept neatly in a acid free 
> box) when I file the books on my shelves.
> The other question I have is how many of you only collect one binding 
> style?  And does anyone also collect the ML volumnes which were 
> published in the 1990's?
> OK  that was too many questions for one email.. just wondering.  I 
> didn't start my collection for any other reason than I liked the books 
> so I'm not trying to prepare a collection for sale, just curious how 
> other collectors approach the process.
> Bryan Tinkle
> Chattanooga, TN
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