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Along with earlier MLs, I’ve been collecting the 1990’s versions for quite a while.  They’re still plentiful enough in used bookstores that one can be really picky in terms of condition.  I’ve collected only first printings, and the metallic grey-green DJs with the author on the spine are attractive when shelved together.  There are interesting variations, such as movie and TV tie-ins, and I’ve even found several reasonably priced signed copies.  Also, some of the more recent authors published by ML in the ‘90’s are very enjoyable to read (e.g., Joseph Mitchell). 

John Peterson 

From: Bryan Tinkle 
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Subject: [ModLib] dust jackets ??

A question from a novice;  do most ML collectors only collect volumes with Dust Jackets?  I ask because I actually started picking up the books because 1. I liked the individual book/subject matter and 2. I liked having spines that all matched.  (I prefer the Toledano #8 bindings) and I actually removed the dj's (kept neatly in a acid free box) when I file the books on my shelves.

The other question I have is how many of you only collect one binding style?  And does anyone also collect the ML volumnes which were published in the 1990's?

OK  that was too many questions for one email.. just wondering.  I didn't start my collection for any other reason than I liked the books so I'm not trying to prepare a collection for sale, just curious how other collectors approach the process.

Bryan Tinkle
Chattanooga, TN

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